Video: 5 Masturbation Tips For Your Next Solo Sesh

By | October 22, 2021
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Every woman should experience the ultimate form of self-pleasure which helps her calm down her mind, body and hormones. It feels like a good wind-down at the end of the day if you prefer doing it at night or a nice relaxing session if you’re a middle of the day kind of girl. Here are 5 tips that can help!

5 Tips That Will Help You Achieve The Big-O By Yourself

1. Try A New Sex Toy Into Bed With You 

09af3c35 1. try a new sex toy into bed with you

Have a great vibrator that gets you off every time? Time to switch things up and invest in a new masturbation buddy. Stimulate those often neglected erogenous zones and take your masturbation to the next level with a new sex toy. From nipple toys to wand massagers, there are several innovations in the world of sex toys. And if you haven’t yet been invited to this wonderful and sensual world, start with a bullet vibrator and work your way up. 

2. Watch An Erotic Video

a6daa2f8 2. watch an erotic video

First things first, there is a difference between porn and erotic video. Erotic videos mean a sexy scene from a movie show or a music video. Watching someone else getting in the mood can turn you on too. Imagine yourself in the video and start doing yourself. Pick a sexy song too if you want!

3. Look At Yourself In The Mirror While Doing It

bfd595a0 3. look at yourself in the mirror while doing it

The teasing, sensual touches, seductive practises aren’t meant just for your partner. Women generally take longer than their counterparts to become aroused, yet they’re quick to forego any type of foreplay when they are pleasuring themselves. Maybe you enjoy reading erotica, or perhaps porn’s your thing. Or dressing up and taking an appreciative look in the mirror turns you on. Whatever you enjoy most, do that and get your mind into the game.

4. Don’t Just Lay On Your Back, Get On Top Of Things 

38241604 4. dont just lay on your back get on top of things

Getting straight to business means missing out on the view and adventures. Your clitoris isn’t the only area that can bring you pleasure. Your labia has feel-good nerve endings, try gently stroking and massaging both the labia majora (larger outer fold) and minora (smaller inner folds). The majority of the clitoris is internal, and this type of touch will indirectly stimulate the clit. Just take a body road trip and explore!

5. Practice Edging—Almost Climax, Stop, Restart

4cacc0de 5. practice edging—almost climax stop restart

Edging (also called surfing, peaking, teasing, and more) is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right when you’re on the cusp — the metaphorical “edge” right before you fall off the cliff into sexual climax. Actively distracting the mind is a technique you can put to use if you feel you have enough control over your mind. And no, it’s not just for men to try so that they can last longer in bed. You can pause, go to zero and then rebuild or you could distract yourself away from the orgasm, shifting the focus, before starting again.

These are a few ideas to make your time masturbating more exciting. Find what works for you, practise a little (or a lot), get creative and remember, the journey is as fun as the destination!

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