Quiz: PCOS & Weight Loss: What’s True & What’s Not?

By | August 13, 2021
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Irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, excessive facial hair can all be symptoms of PCOS. But what’s with the mystery surrounding PCOS and weight loss? The PCOS diet mainly aims at the consumption of foods that prevent a sudden spike in blood sugar levels. Along with eating the right food, women with PCOS are also advised to exercise regularly in order to shed extra weight. The first step towards battling PCOS through a diet is to be able to differentiate between the best foods for PCOS and the foods to avoid with PCOS. Lack of knowledge and awareness combined with a casual attitude towards their own health leads to a delayed diagnosis of PCOS among women. It’s time to change that and make women take their well-being up as a priority. Take this quiz and check if you know all the vital things about PCOS.

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