5 Positions, Tips & Precautions To Have The Best Shower Sex

By | July 8, 2021
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Shower sex tops the bucket list of several couples. Hot water is relaxing and sensual, and seeing each other naked and wet can be a big turn-on. But at the first attempt, most people find out that it’s more complex than just steaminess, passion and orgasms. Getting dirty in the place that gets you clean is far more complicated than any movie, series or porno suggests. Yet, no other part of the house can make the action feel as fun and adventurous quite as your shower can. So what’s the best sex position in the bathroom? What are some shower sex techniques you can try to get steamy in the bathroom?

Try new positions that are more likely to make a woman orgasm, learn more about it here. Or indulge in some toys and accessories to make sex more fun, know how to improve sexual wellness here. Here is everything you need to know before having shower sex. 

5 Tips To Have Great Shower Sex

If you’re ready to make good shower sex a part of your routine, there are a few things you’ll want to consider or keep in mind before diving in. Here are some key tips for shower sex.

1. Use The Water To Your Advantage

05e1c591 1. use the water to your advantage

Shower sex can incorporate all of the elements of water, including temperature, steam, pressure, wetness, and slipperiness. If your shower has a handheld shower head, adjust the temperature and pressure to your liking and then run water over erogenous zones including the nipples, back of the neck, wrists, or clitoris. This is one of the best tips on shower sex and how to make it fun.

2. It’s Very Easy To Slip, So Be Careful!

4981e5c6 2. its very easy to slip so be careful

It can be very slippery in your bathroom, especially when there’s any thrusting involved. It’s vital to prop yourself up against the walls with your hands and feet as it can be very hard to keep yourself steady with all the water and soaps sloshing around. Invest in a non-slip mat and make sure that anything you’re holding on to for support is securely fastened and won’t break while you’re having sex.

3. Avoid Oils But Don’t Skip The Lube

3ac86516 3. avoid oils but dont skip the lube

Though water is wet, it’s actually not the same as having the lubrication you need for penetrative intercourse. In fact, the constant stream during your time in the shower may actually wash away the vagina’s natural lubrication, making things a bit uncomfortable. Silicone-based lubes have a unique slick, silky feel that not only feels soothing to the skin but stays slippery and lasts longer underwater.

4. Use Shower Sex-Friendly Equipment

2f5bd7ef 4. use shower sex friendly equipment

Make a shower-sex kit with all the things you would need, including toys, props, sponges, a bench and handles. These accessories make it easier to get into different positions and provide comfort and support in a smaller space.

5. Keep Communicating

1f26b4f2 5. keep communicating

Whether it’s your first time having shower sex or you’re a pro, it’s important to make sure your partner is comfortable. Keep checking in with each other to make sure the positions and types of touch feel good. It is crucial to understand that the stuff you two may enjoy in bed may not feel the same in the shower because of how the water and steam change up the sensations.

5 Best Shower Sex Positions You Can Try

Finding a great sex position in the bathroom shouldn’t be difficult. The key is to keep trying different shower sex positions and making it a fun adventure. Here are 5 steamy positions to try with your partner in the shower.

1. Ballet Dancer

1b491ad5 1. ballet dancer

Make sure to get a good stretch in before executing this position. This is a fun front-facing position that requires a little less balance on your partner’s end. While this position doesn’t offer much flexibility, it offers the opportunity for optimum face-to-face time and spanking if you and your partner are into that.

How To Do It:

  1. Have your partner standing and positioned to enter you from the front.
  2. Bring one leg up to brace against the edge of the tub or your shower wall for extra support and thrusting leverage.
  3. The change in angle adds a stimulating twist to a shower standard and the added sensation of warm water on your back definitely doesn’t hurt.

2. Stand And Deliver

fda65d8f 2. stand and deliver

Looking for a shower sex position that gives you tons of clitoral stimulation? Try this one that’s plenty of fun.

How To Do It:

  1. Start with both your and your partner’s feet planted firmly on the mat.
  2. Then turn away from your partner and lean into the wall, pressing your palms against it and tilting your butt upward and out. 
  3. Your partner should enter you from behind, thrusting with their hands anchored on your hips, breasts or clit.

3. The Caboose

64734505 3. the caboose

There’s no reason you can’t have sex sitting down, on the shower floor. Plus, not being able to see your partner can be incredibly sexy since you don’t know what they’ll surprise you with next.

How To Do It:

  1. Your partner needs to be seated on the shower floor.
  2. And you need to back into their lap, facing away.
  3. You’ll be the one doing most of the riding so be gentle and use circular grinding motions.

4. Wet Lotus

2b990999 4. wet lotus

This is a great position to try with your partner for penetrative sex and offers you a comfortable position in just the right ways. 

How To Do It:

  1. Instruct your partner to sit with their legs crossed on the bathroom floor.
  2. While facing your partner, sit as close as you can to them and wrap your legs around their torso. 
  3. Then, your partner should tuck their legs under you. 
  4. Next, wrap your arms around each other in a hug-like embrace and feel your chests melt together.

5. The Chairman

934c9c1a 5. the chairman

If you have a shower bench, then this sex position is perfect for you. And if you don’t, it will make you buy one for sure.

How To Do It:

  1. For this position, you can sit on your partner’s lap, lap dance-style.
  2. You can do vaginal or anal penetration in this position.
  3. Your partner can also reach around to play with your nipples and clit.

Precautions To Follow While Having Shower Sex

1. You Can Get Pregnant From Shower Sex

b341b8d9 1. you can get pregnant from shower sex

While a lot of people might think you can’t because the water washes everything away, there is nothing about shower sex that protects against pregnancy. Using soap and water or washing out the ejaculate once you have had intercourse does not prevent you from getting pregnant at all. Sperm are amazingly resilient and can survive and swim for days in the female reproductive system, so don’t make the mistake of counting on water or gravity as a contraceptive.

2. Falling Isn’t The Only Way You Could Get Hurt

f44352e0 2. falling isnt the only way you could get hurt

With shower sex, you are pretty much forced to try weirdo positions. Add in the fact that everything is slippery in the shower and your chances of getting hurt are easily greater than in just about any other location. 

3. Condoms Are Potentially Less Effective In The Shower

e558f8d7 3. condoms are potentially less effective in the shower

You shouldn’t rely on condoms as your only form of contraception in the shower. While it’s safe to use a condom in water as long as it remains on the penis, condoms have a greater likelihood of slipping when wet. Test your knowledge about condoms with a quiz here.

4. You Can Contract An STI

39a3e85d 4. you can contract an sti2

Having sex in the water won’t prevent you from getting STIs. Any time you are having genital to genital contact, there is the risk of contracting an STI. You still need to protect yourself from STIs, even in the shower.

Shower sex can be a great, fun way of pleasuring your partner. It can be especially easy during periods as there are no spoiled sheets to wash. Know all about period sex here. As long as you’re safe and careful, shower sex can be a fun and easy way to mix things up. So get in your shower, use the tips shared and try your favourite sex position!

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