10 Of The Most Common Sexual Fantasies Women Have To Get You In The Mood

By | October 11, 2021
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The Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy lifted the veil off of sexual fantasies, kinks and desires that are generally kept wrapped up and locked up. It simply reflected what is already a fact, that our brains work in wonderful ways when it comes to sexual pleasure. Not only are sexual fantasies totally normal and healthy, but they provide you with imagination, a safe space for you to explore your sexuality. And these fantasies aren’t just for your solo sessions. For couples who have been together for long, they can provide just the right amount of novelty to spice up their sex life.

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Top 10 Sexual Fantasies That Turn Women On

1. A Happy Ending Massage

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Imagine someone working on your sore, tired body with a much-needed massage. And then add some wild, intense sex at the end. This is one of the most common fantasies most women have. And why wouldn’t it be! You get massaged to relieve your body of stress and then get the cherry-on-top (or bottom). The feeling of a relaxing massage heightens the woman’s senses and with each other, the body experiences heightened levels of pleasure.

2. Submission & Dominance

72943dae 2. submission dominance

BDSM, the sexual acronym stands for 6 acts; bondage, dominance, discipline, submission, sadism and masochism. And submission tops the list of sexual fantasies that turn women on. For many women who are extroverted and bold in the outside world, being dominated by their partner can be an exciting adventure. Others find it exhilarating to watch their partner take charge and tell them what to do in the bedroom.

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3. Threesomes

19c90b0f 3. threesomes

A not-at-all-new concept, threesomes are one of the many fantasies women have. The excitement of sharing your body with not one but two people can be orgasmic. There’s just so much more to touch, caress, kiss and bite! While several women state that they would love to get in bed with two men at once, it’s not uncommon for many to have a man and a woman or two other women join in the fun. 

4. The Stranger

9bd2cdd0 4. the stranger

Mystery sets intrigue and can be the sexiest thing to turn you on. And this fantasy of having sex with a stranger is one that most women enjoy. And while technology and dating apps have made it possible to hook up with (almost) strangers, you can try it out with a partner as well. You can meet up at a bar or public place, pretend to be strangers, flirt and take the action home, all while acting as if you don’t know each other at all!

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5. Outdoor Activities

37444fe9 5. outdoor activities

Getting naughty in public places is also a common sexual fantasy several women have. Women say that what they crave in their fantasies is deviant or on the fringe behaviour that’s considered taboo. This sexual fantasy adds an element of danger; of being caught or watched. The rush of being outdoors can be an intoxicating adventure you’ll never forget. From parks to flights, boats to trains and everything in between, this imagination has several aspects to it.

6. Role Play

a216f9db 6. role play

Do you know why people enjoy dressing up in fancy dress? Fantasy is all about escape, giving you a chance to make bold decisions and do things you normally wouldn’t. So take the opportunity to be someone else in the bedroom the next time you and your partner are feeling playful. Some of the top roleplay scenarios include boss and employee, doctor and patient, police officer and criminal and more.

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7. Strip Tease

3a010959 7. strip tease

This old but gold fantasy can spice up your sex life in a fun way. Putting on some sexy clothes, swinging to a hot tune while slowly taking off an item can be incredibly arousing. While some women fantasize about stripping for their partner, others would love to see their partner put in a show. To make the most of this, have your partner sit across from you and limit the touches till you are almost down to no clothes. This will surely heat things up quickly.

8. Damsel In Distress

8f4f25b4 8. damsel in distress

From pornography videos to erotica, every medium has a damsel in distress category that fares pretty well. And this sexual fantasy is a dream for many women. Yes, women deserve total equity of pleasure in the bedroom, but there’s something to be said about fantasizing the stereotypical “damsel in distress” scenario. It’s the reason romance novel covers often feature a stoically burly man on horseback riding up to save a weak, vulnerable woman. 

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9. Movie Characters

efde3eff 9. movie characters 1

The reason TV series and movie fandoms are filled with sexual stories is because of this very fantasy. From getting hot and dirty with your favourite superhero to making sweet love to that one movie character you love, women experience a fair share of this sexual fantasy. It adds an element of the unachievable that gets most women hot and bothered. And not to forget, the characters provide a lot more room to explore the hows of a sexual experience.

10. The Experiment

324cc704 10. the experiment

A lot of women state having sexual fantasies that don’t match their sexual identity. For heterosexual women, it’s pretty common to fantasize about being with another woman or two. It stems from the novelty of it all, an experiment that is pleasurable. It reflects the human nature that is curious about almost everything and this just seems to be one sexual fantasy that highlights it the best.

Sexual fantasies are thoughts and dreams that bring pleasure. While some may give you the confidence you need to try it out (with consent), others are simply random that are best suited for your imagination.

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