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Do You Have Pandemic-Induced PCOS? A Fertility Specialist Explains This New Phenomenon – The Channel 46

One of the indicators of a woman’s overall good health is a regular menstrual cycle. The Covid-19 pandemic and its far-reaching implications continue to unfold globally, resulting in a surge of stress and anxiety among women which may lead to a delay in the menstrual cycle. You might find this confusing, but stress-associated factors could… Read More »

Shush No More: Real Women Create PCOS Awareness With Their Tales (How 5 Indian Celebs Manage Symptoms)

Here’s a scenario; painful or missed periods take you to the gynaecologist who orders a bunch of tests. Out come the results and you’re diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Or if you’re Indian and living in the suburbs, even medical professionals call it PCOD. The label brings along a bunch of concerns, primarily your looks… Read More »