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Breaking 10 Hymen & Virginity Myths With A Gynaecologist

From Finding Fanny’s “I’m a virgin” dialogue debate to real-life grooms and ladke wale asking about the bride’s “purity”, Indians are obsessed with virginity. The idea that hymen and virginity are related has been imprinted in many people’s minds, but you need to know that it’s not true at all! There has always been this… Read More »

Phone Sex 101: 10 Tips That Will Put You In The Mood

Getting romantic on the phone is not just limited to “female call centres” for lonely men. Though Ayushmann Khurrana’s Pooja in Dream Girl and Anne Hathaway’s Liz in Valentine’s Day were great characters, phone sex is not what is portrayed to be in movies. Today, sexting has taken over and exchanging hot pictures and sensual… Read More »

How To Lose Weight With PCOS: 10 Effective Ways

Acne, facial hair, mood swings, depression and more are all that PCOS brings to the table. Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects women during their childbearing years. It affects a woman’s hormone levels and results in higher than usual production of androgens i.e. the male hormones. This hormone imbalance makes… Read More »

Why Women Feel Hornier Just Before Their Period

Cramps, bloating, fatigue and more; your period arrives with these usual suspects in tow. But, it also brings along a change in your sex drive. A wild and crazy libido is pretty common among women just before their period, making you crave sex and get hornier than usual. This particular surge in sex appeal happens… Read More »

20 Ways To Treat PCOS-Related Skin & Hair Problems

Ask a woman with PCOS what she’s most frustrated with and chances are she’ll spell out a skin or hair problem that makes everyday life difficult. Apart from the health issues, dealing with stubborn acne, hyperpigmentation, extreme hair loss, dry skin and more can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. PCOS is not a fair player,… Read More »

14 Effective Yoga Poses To Manage PCOS At Home

PCOS means dealing with irregular periods, unexplained weight gain, excessive facial hair, acne, cramps and whatnot. If you have been dealing with PCOS, you know how physical activity can bring relief in several ways. Trying yoga asanas for PCOS treatment can yield great results and not just help you with your symptoms but also help… Read More »